Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory


Moment I stepped inside this place- I realized that ‘God’s miracles can be found only in the nature’. It was impossible to tell who was more mesmerized and happy to see so many colourful butterflies everywhere- my 5 year old or I.

There are at least 2000 free flying exotic butterflies in the lush green eye-soothing tropical garden. Butterflies that I had seen only in the books were everywhere- one even sat on my shoulder- I was ecstatic- with innocent joy and pleasure. There is no such thing as a stinging butterfly as butterflies have no stinging organs or venoms. So do not worry about a butterfly landing on you- they are completely harmless.

Who needs a spa to relax all those stressed nerves and cells- head out to this butterfly conservatory and enjoy these flutters dancing from one tree to another.

The man made waterfall and a small pond in the middle of the garden with the fish in it makes for the perfect Kodak pictures. The conservatory is a photographer’s dream.

As we walked along, we came across the exotic collection of bottle green-yellow beetles- with their shiny coat, these beetles in a closed box looked so royal. It took us almost an hour and a half to locate each and every butterfly mentioned on the card. It was so engaging and interesting to find the butterflies in the trees and shrubs. Wear bright colours to this place so that butterflies perch on you thinking you as a flower full of sweet nectarine.

From there we headed straight to check out the bugs as the place was holding the ‘Hug the Bug’ festival. Whoa- holding such large bugs in the hands gave me shivers but eventually mustered the courage – it’s so so so ticklish when bugs walk on your hands. One species of beetle had a very funny name- ‘Death Feigning Beetle’. My son held a caterpillar in his hands and his delight cannot be expressed by words.

There are lots of other things to do in the conservatory:

  • Find queen bee in the Observation Beehive: there is this big closed observation beehive with countless bees in it and one queen bee. Challenge is to find this one queen bee in the hive. A small tip- queen bee has a green dot on it. I could not locate it but my son’s young eyes could. Try this with your kids.
  • Check out Emergence Window: in the tropical garden, there is an Emergence Window and it is worth spending some time outside it. Butterflies are shipped to this conservatory as chrysalides every two weeks. Tip of the chrysalis is attached to the straw with the glue and hanged in the emergence window. When butterflies emerge, they hang from their chrysalis to dry their wings and after few hours, take their first flight out in the conservatory. Witnessing a butterfly emerge is magical- we could not witness it but you should not miss this wonder.
  • Treat yourself to Bug Bite: Are you brave enough to eat a bug? Definitely not me as I am a vegetarian but the Gift store inside the conservatory stocks some interesting insect recipes: chocolate covered scorpions, honey roasted crickets. Treat your taste buds to some insect delicacies.
  • Café Break: it was time to treat ourselves to some non-bug bites and we went to the café –Chrysalis inside the conservatory. Café is warm and cozy with good selection of cookies, cake slices, pizza, apple slices, hot and cold tea/coffee. Perfect place to end the visit to this wonderful place with a hot cuppa tea.


Visit this place especially with your kids (they will just love it) and celebrate the beauty, charm and cultural significance of these vibrant colourful BUTTERFLIES!!!

Tickets can be purchased online also and these online bought tickets never expire and can be even given as a GIFT!!!

Address: Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, 2500 Kossuth Road, Cambridge, Ontario, N3H 4R7

Timings: Open Monday to Sunday from 10:00am-5:00pm
(Last admission at 4:00pm)