There is nothing like sun-drenched vineyards- especially when you are in the place known for its vineries and world renowned wines. Yes, I am talking about Ontario, Canada- country which has been touted as the destination of the year 2017.

Trip to Ontario is not complete without visiting its wineries and tasting different wines, especially ICEWINE.

Canada is the leading producer of Icewine and do not miss the golden opportunity to enjoy different flavours of Icewine when visiting this beautiful country.

Ice wine is a type of dessert wine that is produced from the grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine.

How does Icewine taste:

Icewines are sweet and contain rich aromas and flavors of fruits such as lychee, strawberry, raspberry, apricot which flood the senses. Icewines are sweet and often enjoyed with desserts. With their sweet lovely richness, Icewines are enjoyed on their own for dessert also.

How to serve Icewine:

Chill it to savour its luscious taste. Icewines makes a perfect complement for rich foods as aged blue cheese and foie gras. Cranberry rich sparkling red Icewine goes perfect with the Black Forest Cake. Add a dash of Icewine in your cocktail to enjoy the perfect SPIRIT.

Settle down to a quiet evening in an over-stuffed chair with a good book and a fine chilled Icewine.

Cheese, wine and Friends must be old to be good!!!