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I love animals so I am a Vegetarian. My husband also loves animals, so he is a Nov-Vegetarian.

Needless to say, from last 8 years we have been on a roll-coaster journey – none of us is ready to let go off our animal love: Being Human, you see!!

A pure vegetarian got married to a pure non-vegetarian that too a love marriage. An earthquake of magnitude 9 on a regular basis could be foreseen by our parents but for us – we were madly deeply blind, deaf and dumb in love at that time.

We still love each other. Now our love is no more mad-it has matured. It is now ‘HOW’, ‘WHEN’, ‘WHY’, ‘WHERE’ and ‘WHAT’ love!!

My husband had to go through a grilling 3 hours of interview with his future in laws where the first bullet fired at him was on food:

Parents: Are you a non-vegetarian?

Victim (My husband): Yes

Parents: How frequent do you eat?

Victim: Occasionally

LIAR!!! For him everyday is an occasion- non-veg from morning till night.

For the wedding, ground rules were laid- no non-veg in any of the wedding functions – it was a big let -down for my in-laws family – c’mon weddings are all about steaming hot appetizers, 12 course main meal and icing on the cake- desserts!! Wedding with only veggie options- Tasteless Wedding!!!

Actual ride started post the marriage. Home Ministry, yeah I am talking about myself, stumped my husband with the googly – no non-veg in our house- if you want to eat, go out and eat. He was horrified, could not believe his luck….All life had been sucked out of him!!!

Before he could absorb the effects of my googly, I spinned him with my spinner-‘also, when eating with me, your non-veg has to be boneless…I cannot stand sight of those bones’!!!

Once he recovered, Bouncers- ‘You were not like this before marriage’, ‘you had no issues with my being a non-vegetarian’, ‘what happened to you overnight’…were thrown at me. All were hit royally for a six by me.

A true sportsman, my husband laid the new field set up– lunch in the office’s food court and dine out, if possible, everyday. And Hyderabad, the city of Nawabs, in India, provided the perfect field.

Hyderabad is a paradise for food lovers especially for non-veggies with its world famous biryani and kebabs. Hyderabad city has some amazing theme based restaurants- infact I will vote them as some of the best in the world- décor and aroma of the food of these restaurants will entice one and all.

Being newly married and new to Hyderabad and not to forget my cooking skills which could kill any types of hunger pangs, I welcomed his new set up whole-heartedly. Who wants to cook after coming back from work????

Our first wicket was ’OHRI’S TADKA’ on Banjara Hills. My dal makhani was butterly delicious. I was pleasantly surprised to eat such a tasty dal makhani in southern part of India. Till date, for me, Tadka serves the best dal makhani in Hyderabad. Boneless Mutton Rogan Josh served by this place is my hubby’ all -time favorite dish.

Tadka, the fine dining Mughlai restaurant in Hyderabad satiated my craving for the authentic North Indian while reflecting the same through its ambiance.

Our next wicket was, SERENGITI – a forest theme restaurant where animals come to life while food lovers gorge on delicious North Indian food. I loved the ambience of this place – dim lights; animal noises…as if you are eating in Africa’s jungle.

Our wicket haul kept increasing – Waterfront, Zafraan Exotica, 100 degrees, Gufa, Nautanki Gali, 70mm and many others– each of these restaurants bowled me over with their décor and food offerings. My husband was on top of the world as well as on top of the weighing scale.

But there is a saying that’ All good things come to an end’! Time, budget and no more newly-wed constraints stopped our frequent dine outs.

I employed the cook immediately –healthy eating- take lunch to work and dinner also at home –weight, money all taken care.

Scandalized by the end of his winning overs, my husband refused to take lunch – his only hope of having non-veg.

He came up with few new balls for his dinner:

  • I will order non-veg at home and eat in paper plates
  • My friend has got special chicken curry from his home town. Home cooked non veg is so healthy. It won’t lead to my weight gain also. Think about it!!
  • I should have married my Punjabi or Bengali girlfriend – atleast would have got food of my choice. They loved me too. You do not love me anymore

All these new balls were declared as ‘No Balls’ by me.

Not the one to accept defeat easily especially in matters of stomach, my husband finally succeeded in getting me run out and bow to his demands.

Cricket frenzy was at its peak in that year- it was after all Cricket World Cup season. Most anticipated match of the world cup India Vs Pakistan was scheduled for that evening. We had decided to come early from work and enjoy the match. However, I had a pretty long rough day at work and by the time, I entered the home, my head was spinning. I went straight to the bed.

When the cat is away, mouse plays the game– my husband called up one of his close friends to watch the match with him and also asked him to get the dinner – TANGDI KEBAB with paper plates. India won the match. Taste buds won over the house rules. There is no love sincerer than the love of food’.

Next morning, I got up feeling fresh and relaxed. Decided to let my husband sleep for a while – was sure must not have slept before 3am – match highlights, best sixes of the match, dissection of the players, best catches- must have watched everything again and again.

Speckles kitchen invited me to make a hot cup of tea for myself. But then I noticed a piece of paper on the breakfast platform and the fresh morning turned into a series of ‘HOW COULD YOU’???

Fuming, I ran to the bedroom to thrash the sleeping traitor. One look into my eyes, and husband understood everything:

Husband: So he told you? Saala, I told him not to tell you. Friends cannot be trusted these days. I am sorry!!

Me: He did not tell me. You two cleared up everything- there was no trace of your tangdi kebab in the house but you forgot to trash theBILL!!!!!!!
Today, non- veg has found entry inside our home though on the paper-plates but my advice:

‘Never Underestimate the Power of Food’