There is a very famous saying – When in Rome, do what the Romans do.

And now there is another saying for us: When in Canada, eat what the Canadian eat!!

And Canadians love their ‘POUTINE’. It is omnipresent. You just cannot miss it. It has to be tried. It is a MUST and has to be on everybody’s To DO List for Canada- trip to Canada is incomplete without eating this Canadian dish.

Poutine is an indulgence of French fries and cheese curds topped with light brown gravy.

Initially treated as a junk, poutine is now treated as a dish in proper culinary circles.

It is sold in small greasy spoon type diners across pubs, hockey arenas, road-side chip wagons, national and international chains such as KFC, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, A&W. It is everywhere – be it an island or an amusement park or a museum.

Traditional Contents of Poutine:

  • French Fries: fries are of medium thickness and fried in such a way that they are crispy from outside but soft from inside
  • Cheese Curd: fresh cheese curds are used. Poutine cheese curds are especially prepared by cooking them and allowing them to develop tanginess
  • Brown Gravy: normally thin chicken/turkey gravy is used. The thickness of gravy is substantial at the same time, thin enough to filter down into fries and cheese curd. Vinegar and Sour flavouring is also used to enhance the taste of poutine. Lot of places also offer vegetarian gravy.

The hot gravy is poured over the room-temperature cheese curds, so that the cheese is warmed without completely melting and fries stay warm for longer time.

There are many variations of poutine and lots of places also offer toppings such as bacon, chicken, sausage, onions and tomatoes. Do specify your gravy and toppings choice when placing the order.

Montreal hosts a competitive “La Poutine Week” every year in February. All the other places – Toronto, Calgary, Quebec City, and Ottawa also hold their own Poutine weeks.

Poutine is a staple of almost all bistro menus. And when in Canada – Savour a big portion of Poutine!!