• Carry your Guzzle Buddy

Drink lots n lots of water when travelling. Keep your body hydrated to reduce the jet lag effects as well as to avoid having dry, parched skin. (all thanks to cabin air pressure).

Carry your ‘guzzle buddy’ – your ‘water bottle’ when travelling.

Before security empty it and refill it later on. This will help you in not only keeping yourself hydrated and feeling great but also save your wallets from purchase of &5 water-bottles.

Remember: The Guzzle Buddy is the perfect gift for your face and body


  • Wear a Nude Nail Polish

Life is too short to wear boring nail polish. Right???

I do not like plain nails but at the same time who wants chipped cracked nail polish at the end of 15 hour flight.

To ensure that the nail polish does not look cracked and tacky, paint your nails with a sheer or nude –toned polish when travelling. On reaching your destination, start your nail vacation and complement your look each day every day.

  • Hands Free Face

Remember Mimosa Pudica: plant that folds its leaves when touched.

Treat your face like Mimosa Pudica and avoid putting your hands on your face. In the hustle bustle of travel, our hands get bacteria from innumerous sources and these are passed to our face by constant touching.

Last thing we want is outbreak of pimples upon arrival – these red bumps are more deadly than the speed breakers!!

  • Moisturize for that great look

Apply a heavy moisturizer on your face, the night before the travel for increased hydration and supple skin. This will help in keeping flaky and dry skin at the bay. Slather your face with a good moisturizer not with the lotion.

  • Oil free cleansing wipes

Tired of sitting for hours – perk up your face by cleaning it gently with oil free wipes. Your face will be refreshed and grateful to you.

  • Carry on Dry Shampoo

Often long flights make our hair to look dull, greasy and lifeless. Hair looks so limp and plain dead. Carry dry shampoo and upon arrival, put your hair upside down and use dry shampoo for luscious clean locks.

Tip: Apply dry shampoo before an overnight flight to stop greasy hair before it even begins.

  • Carry Lip Balm

Lips get too dry and chapped during long travel times. Carry that little lip balm always. But what if you just lost it???

Then ask the flight attendant for butter cube- butter will moisten your lips back to their glory (Voila)!!

So true: “There should be a reward for someone who finishes their chapstick before losing it”!!

Final and foremost tip before all you beauties,

Light up your face in less than 5 seconds: apply a light shimmery powder on your face followed with a light blush and lip color. Trust me no one will ever guess, you just got off a 20 hour flight!!

Follow these tips and have a relaxed fun filled vacation without worrying about, patched dry skin, dull hair, and exhausted body.
Bon Voyage!!