Flush or Full House, Flush or Full House, Flush or Full House….which is the highest??

No points for guessing. I was ‘Royally Flushed’ out of a game of Poker! Given the deadly combination of absent mindedness, abysmal understanding of rules and no luck, I am the best Fish any Shark can get. Alas! Years of practice and consistent results along with a steadily growing hole in my bank balance has put a stop to all my leisurely gambling pursuits.

And then fate dealt its hand. My husband and I moved to Melbourne and in no time, Southbank Promenade on the bank of river Yarra became our favorite hanging spot with Crown Casino as the backdrop.

As a Beginner’s Luck, I successfully avoided the lure of the casino. As the time progressed, I lost the Game when my husband surprised me with dinner at Nobu (the worlds most recognized Japanese restaurant).

As I entered Crown, I Surrendered and Crown Showed me that it is more than a Casino. ‘Magnificient’ was the only word I could think of.

Crown is a Spinner and its Winning Streak begins with its entrance featuring Stepped Fountains and Sound-Light Shows on the theme of four seasons.

Crown Casino’s next Jackpot is Gas Brigades – a High Flash spectacle where eight towers along Melbourne’s Southbank shoot the world’s largest fireballs into the nights sky, every hour.


Scrumptious food for every budget, activities beyond casino for all age groups such as gaming arcade, festive displays and live entertainment are Trump Cards of Casino.

Its been 4 years now and Casino has become a prominent part of my Southbank Promenade walk. No visit is complete without a gelato at Calatrava (located in Casino’s food court) and Gas Brigade show. And ofcourse few games of Casino War and Poker!!