We all answered this question in school:

Question: Which city is known as City of Skyscrapers?

Answer: New York

Today, I doubt if we can answer this question correctly any more- everywhere we see beautiful urban skylines.

City Skylines are like fingerprints as no two skylines are same. And capturing this perfect print is every traveller’s desire.

Finding the location that will give you that spectacular view is such a daunting task- as a traveller we just do not know, from which spot or place we can capture those never ending towers and buildings.

I faced the same difficulty when I wanted to click Toronto skyline- CN Tower was just not coming in the picture. I had almost given up on that perfect click till the time I did not visit Toronto Islands.

Toronto Island: take a short few minutes cheap ride on the Toronto Island Ferry and reach the island for the gorgeous view of the city. Island itself is very beautiful and worth a visit. In winter, the ice covered lake makes photos particularly memorable.

From the island, I got the Kodak click of the bustling sky-scaper of Ontario’s biggest and busiest city.