Moment he said his first words, ‘Choo- Choo’, I knew I have given birth to an engine. Cannot be a human baby. Impossible.

My 8 year old son is possessed with trains. Since his birth, we are training ourselves- ‘Use your brain, look for a train’.

Recently on our trip to Melbourne, Australia, I realized that my training is going great guns when we discovered and took one of the yummiest cheesiest train rides – ‘EASEY’S train.

Easey’s is a rooftop burger bar in Collingwood, Melbourne. The restaurant is situated in a train carriage and these train carriages are perched up on top of the 5 storey high building.

The narrow staircase that leads to the restaurant emerges in the train carriage, with orange and brown seats.

It’s a place to eat burgers, drink local beers in graffiti covered train carriages, overlooking the breathtaking views of the city of Melbourne. Coffee and breakfast are served from the sunrise and alcohol past sunset.

The train timetable menu of the place offers fat-i-liciously sinful food- everything from burgers to dim-sums to donuts to beer battered chips. Donuts with their milkshake flavoured custard filling not only satisfied my sweet craving but gave me a stunning view of the city.

The place serves gluten free burger as well as has bar taps- my calorie count was not as sky high as my carriage but my sons eyes twinkled with all the stars in the sky…he had got one food station!!

We all loved this place. Do visit it- for its concept, for the experience, for its burgers and for that train journey we took years ago.

Who knows, it might become your food station also, in the journey of life!!

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Sunday-Thursday: 11am-10pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am-11pm