I am an animal lover. I do not trouble them by constant cuddling, unwanted affection and hands running though their furs. I am in so much awe of them, that I always stay away from their owners, houses, parks and salons.

With the daily argument of “our apartment is so small that it will be a torture to keep a pet dog or cat”, I have managed to stay an animal lover.

My long distance relation with animals was going smooth until one fateful day; my husband suggested a new café in Melbourne, ‘CAT CAFÉ’.

Always excited to try cafes, I was delighted and surprised at his proactiveness – booking already made for two people. Very conveniently all the other details were put under the covers with one word – ‘SURPRISE’!

My visit to café was definitely not a surprise. My one hour visit to cafe made me – Angry, betrayed, scared, relaxed and happy.

Cat cafe is not a café like all the others but a cafe to ‘HANG OUT WITH FURRY BALLS –CATS’.

Cat Cafe is Australia’s first cafe to play, socialize and pet 16 cats. All these cats are from rescue shelters. Several fluffy adorable playful cats in a relaxing and serene environment- A new unique social experience!

Cafe is very clean and spacious. Housed in an old stone building, the first floor of the cafe is a spacious 4-bedroom flat with various cat toys, book shelf with number of cat-related tome, a TV and a special retreat accessible only to the felines. The first floor is cut in the middle by a staircase which the cats love to play up and down. The ground floor has the lounge area and the gift shop.

Leave about touching or petting, I was too scared to be near any of the cats. Holding my latte tightly, I stood at one corner, scanning all the cats one by one and waiting for the pounce. My eyes stopped on a white snowball (Sherlock) – sprawled on its back, paws up, the way a cat sprawls when it is feeling all safe.

“Home at last”, Sherlock was saying.

I smiled a little and holding my husband’s hand, with all the courage I could muster in the word, walked away from that corner to touch the soft fur.


Walk-ins are very rare as most of the slots are always full. We recommend you to book in for hourly sessions via their website- https://catcafemelbourne.com

Each hourly session costs non-refundable $12 per person.

Age Restrictions

Children less than 8 years of age are not allowed.


Sunday to Wednesday- 10am to 6pm

Thursday to Saturday- 10 am to 7pm

Closed daily from 1pm to 2pm


Cafe offers small selection of hot and cold beverages and sweet treats. I did not get the best coffee of Melbourne here but I did get to enjoy my hot coffee in the joyful fuzzy company which was altogether a new purrfect experience for me.

Gift Shop:

There is a small shop to buy cat themed merchandise for both humans and kitty cats – cat toys, cat beds, cat clothes, cat trophies…

How to Reach:

30 Guildford Lane, Melbourne, Victoria-3000

The closest train and tram station is Melbourne Central on Elizabeth Street. From Elizabeth Street head up La Trobe Street or Little Lonsdale Street towards Queen Street. Turn down Sutherland Street, and then down Guildford Lane which is between Flannigan Lane and McLean Alley.

Catty Tips:

  • Leave your own cat at home
  • Preferable wear leggings and full sleeves shirts. First Aid kit is available in the café incase one gets a scratch hug from a kitty cat
  • Preferably visit cats in the morning as they are more active and playful


Meow Meow – Follow these rules