The first stand only bar of Australia with the maximum occupancy of 10 people at a time, Bar Americano is the perfect example of the saying – ‘Beautiful things come in small packages’.

The engaging character of the bar captivated me and intimidatingly small size of the bar made my experience all together great.

A tiny cocktail bar, with the number of national and international awards in their kitty, this bar took me back to the retro and intriguing world of 1920s -1930s. Majority of the cocktails served at this bar are taken directly from the legendary encyclopedic book Recipes For Mixed Drinks, which was first published in 1916.

There are no seats in the bar because it is simply too small. There are hooks along the wall to hang jackets and bags.

Tipsy Menu

Bar serves only classic cocktails. All cocktails are addictively delicious with some story attached to it. Menu changes every week and bar stocks only that week’s drinks. Each drink is crafted with exact precision after knowing each guests personal tastes.

Drinks are expensive but worth every cent spent on it. I had paid $25 for my drink but each and every sip of my cocktail was divine and worth every penny, nickel paid by me.

For the alcohol free visit to this place, try their coffee. They have the finest espresso machine- ‘Slayer’


Cashless Payment @bar

The bar accepts only the card payment and no credit card fees are charged.


The bar is open Monday to Saturday from 5pm until 1am

Zero Reservation

The bar accepts only walk-ins but when we visited it, it was full. So we gave our number to the staff and got the text message from them when there was space in the bar.

The cocktails, quintessential atmosphere of the place, right potion of music and no photos allowed inside the place makes this bar a WOW experience – a Quirky bar – a hidden gem – in the laneways of the Melbourne!!

The coziness, the intimacy and unadulterated drinks offered by this speakeasy bar makes for a very enjoyable Melbourne small lane bar experience.


Address: Bar Americano : 20 Presgrave place, CBD, Melbourne, Victoria 3000