I fail to understand so much fuss about nuclear weapons when day in day out we are living with one – a bomb that cannot be stopped, a bomb that can trigger anytime anywhere, a bomb that keeps exploding in our lives.

Yes, I am talking about, our very own bomb: BIOLOGICAL CLOCK

A bomb that cannot be detected by any sensor in the world but our parents and well-wishers.

This bomb comes with some predefined features and settings:


  • Control Center : parents and all your well-wishers
  • Trigger Point: age, peer pressure, medical journals, hormonal self-realization
  • Environmental factors: destiny, one day we all have to get married
  • Range: till eternity
  • Personal Hot Spot: women
  • Battery life: always 100%



  • Kills all other clocks – dreams, ventures, career
  • Hunts down or Haunts


Features not supported:

  • Sounds
  • Notifications



  • Transforms victims into its preachers



  • Never ending chain of explosions: marriage then first child then second child then their school then their wedding then their kids then then then…DEAD END!!!!


No matter what we do, it will either hunt us down or haunt us.

I was still a kid, only 22, final year of engineering but had to agree to be hunted when my Control Center (parents), Trigger Point (age and peer pressure), and Environment Factor (one day we have to get married) all got activated. A born fighter, could not stand in front of the Mighty Biological Clock and had to give authority to my parents to choose my hunter.

This lead to the series of killing on the both sides of these innocent victims: receding hairline, increasing waistline, four-sightedness, attitude, zero connection between salary and account, walking style, no aspirations….

But then I was betrayed on my home ground, Nirula’s

(I met him here. Before any one of us could start the killing, the childhood memories of the place killed us. Once a happening place, the quietness of it…)

by my Hormones: attempt of civilized conversation with him lead to old memories..

(We both had grown up on ice-cream sundaes and ice cream sodas of this place. This place had celebrated all my report cards with 90% marks with a free ice-cream. He was not that lucky. Introduced us and all others in Delhi, to the world of fast food – pizza, waffle cones, burgers. My veggie and cheese pizza stop – before all other pizza restro’s mushroomed up. Chocolate chip ice cream and hot chocolate fudge of Nirula’s are still his family’s weakness.)

..Old memories to smiles to other college hangouts to movies to dreams to overlooking each other’s hair growth, weight growth and brain growth.

Destined Bomb exploded, got married to him and made everyone happy around me – first milestone of BIOLOGICAL CLOCK achieved. Was still reeling under the effect of first explosion, second one was triggered with the daily reminders of ‘Any Good News’? Eventually, achieved second milestone too.

Once a survivor, now I call myself a victim of this powerful bomb. I have survived quite successfully two of its explosions –marriage and one child. And though my ‘Control Center’ is doing its best to have that third explosion (second child), I am trying my best to not succumb to….

Wish I could LOCK the CLOCK’ and stop everyday triggers- be it an ‘Alarm Clock’ (AC)or ‘Biological Clock’ (B…)


(Nirula’s: it is one of the oldest fast food chains of India and Delhi’s first fast food chain. While Delhi is teeming with lot of global and local fast food chains, many still remember it as a place where they had their first pizza in. Their ice-creams are still delicious. For the desi style fast food flavor in a hygienic place, Nirula’s is the best place. For more details, please visit: http://nirulas.com/)