Like ‘A new born child knows his mother’s scent’, we ‘Punjabis know the aroma of hot hot Chole Bhature’!!

We can have it anytime, everytime, anywhere and everywhere. Seeing my love for Chole Bhature and frenzy with which I attack it, anyone can mistake me for a bhookad.

Chole Bhature with a glass of Lassi is my all-time favourite dish. It’s my ‘Sunday Morning Anaesthesia’ in winters:

        Devour a hot plate of fresh spicy Chole Bhature with onions, lemon slice, pickle and green chilli

Sneak inside the quilt

                                                     Snore away to glory

God bless the person who created it. Punjabi cuisine-tussi great ho!!!

Wherever I travel, I always taste local Chole Bhature, if available. My one travel meal has to be that – atleast this much I owe to ‘Chole Bhature’.

So during my first visit to Shimla, I was not able to locate the local favorite Chole Bhature. But then, when I had to answer ‘No’ for ‘did you try those Chole Bhature, simply mouth-watering?’ I felt awful. On my next Shimla visit, I was successful in finding it.

Most of the restaurants on the mall road offer this dish but to taste authentic local favourite, go to:

Sita Ram And Sons: this place offers- Chole Bhature, Chole Kulche and Tikki Chole. All the dishes have typical local taste. Prices are very reasonable so tasty tasty Chole Bhature without making a hole in our pockets. Place is always crowded with localities and very few tourists. At times there can be a wait time of close to 20 mins. Place is little run down but food is yummily delicious. Hygiene and cleanliness of the place can be the issue for some of us. If not comfortable sitting and eating there, take away option is also there. Go to this dhaba style place to have a feel of local taste.

Enjoy a steaming hot plate of Chole Bhature at Sita Ram and Sons and stroll on mall road!

Sita Ram And Sons: Ridge Sangwali Rd, Lakkar Bazar, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India