One word killed us – LAYERING!!!

There was a time when with the onset of winters, we were most talked about in all colonies, mohallas. We knew all the gossips. We witnessed those never ending cups of tea, kaanji, pakodas, mathis savoured by all moms – at times we used to get lucky to get a drop or a crumb. We were loved by all. There were countless books on us – with intricate details and steps.

But, things have changed now. We are not that common anymore – you might get our glimpse in some of the bed boxes. We have been replaced. Not very hopeful of our future, like my friend, Red Sweater.

Red Sweater says, we will always be needed by young ones- you cannot make them wear layers of cotton sweaters and sweatshirts. They need warm soft woollen sweaters with lovely patterns.

Agreed today, moms do not have time to create us but we are the best to keep their lil ones cozy in foggy winters. All the people grew up wearing sweaters made by their grand moms, moms, aunts, sisters. Hand-made sweaters and machine made ones (which look like hand-made) always stand apart. It is more comfortable to sit in a sweater than with a jacket on or multiple layers.

We will always have our place and value – people have happy memories linked to us. One of our fellow sweaters, ‘plain navy blue, is still worn by a college girl in every winter – her grandfathers -knitted by her grandmother’!!

There are people who knit us on orders – give them wool and design. But then there can be size issues, follow ups, not liking the design and color combination.

So to avoid this, I ‘Red Sweater’ recommend you all to go to a store in Shimla, a local favourite:

Dewan Chand Atmaram: this store has very good collection of sweaters, made out of finest wool. Designs are very refreshing and trendy. Good stock of sweaters in happy colours- red, blues, greens. Collared sweaters, round necks, v necks – they have it all. For the kids who like to have characters (jumping monkeys, teddy bears and so on) on their sweaters, then this is the ‘go to’ store. Quality is very good. Some of us might find it to be pricey but for the quality, it is worth it.

They also stock lot of other accessories: shawls, scarves, socks, cufflinks.

On your next visit to Shimla, check out this store for its amazing collection of sweaters – warm, soft woollen sweaters – sweaters which are irreplaceable because they look as if they are just knit by a mother’s hand!!


Dewan Chand Atmaram: 47, Mall Rd, Shimla-171001, Himachal Pradesh, India