Plaid shirts are perfect winter casuals. A big part of winter wardrobe in Western countries, they somehow are still missing from Indian wardrobe. They look classy and exude winter warmth and coziness.

Got one as a gift from an oversees cousin during my college days and needless to say, it was my all-time winter favorite grab an go shirt with jeans till my weight…Futile hunt for another plaid shirt started- could get my hands on some cotton ones but not the woolen plaid shirt.

Being a Delhi girl, always wanted to get married to a Delhi boy but my DESTINY – 2 years ago, had a summer wedding with a boy from SHIMLA. In that winter, visited Shimla- this time not as a tourist but as a visiting family member. For me, home was only DELHI.

Moment, our car stopped outside the home, I spotted it. My father in-law was wearing it. I was so stumped by its sight, I forgot everything (still remember my husband elbowing me for touching in-laws feet). A beginning of my Shimla innings.

Somehow I survived that night. Next morning as part of the custom, made my breakfast and sweet in in-laws home. I was only waiting for ‘After Breakfast Moment’. Moment heard the word ‘Shagun’, I jumped with joy. These two words and their relation, ‘SHAGUN’ = ‘WOOLEN PLAID SHIRT’ still rings a jingle in my ears.

So for all the plaid shirt lovers, there is a store right on the Shimla Mall road:

Nathu Ram & Sons: they stock some of the best woolen plaid shirts. Color and quality of the shirts are unmatchable. Shirts are very warm with an amazing fit.

I am not an expert on clothes but my father in-law, a true Shimlahite, says these are 100% woolen shirts. And I believe him because after wearing these shirts, I do not need heavy jackets for Delhi winters.

So for all the plaid shirt lovers, for all the tourists visiting Shimla, and for all those looking for woolen shirts, visit this store. Buy your favorite woolen plaid shirt from Nathu Ram & Sons to start your never ending journey to Shimla.

I am a proud DE(Delhi)SI(Shimla)HITE (DE for Delhi and SI for Shimla) today and these woollen plaid shirts played an important role in taking and making SHIMLA my home.


Nathu Ram & Sons: 84, Mall Rd, the Mall, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India