I am TRAVELLING at last! Exotic locations, new cultures, mouth-watering delicacies – what a way to enjoy and live those hard earned leaves. I am heading for a Tangy, Relaxing, Awesome, Vibrant, Energizing, Lively VACATION!!!

Wait…Where to go, how to plan, what to pack, what about my budget? Who has the time and energy to plan the vacation???

Personally I do not like to book travel packages as with my budget and days constraints, I find them not only expensive but also too restrictive and touristy. There are always lot of misses in terms of hidden magical wonders and sights.

Which in turn means, investing a lot of time and energy in planning a customized vacation. To fully enjoy and immerse in the offerings of my travel, I need to decide right month for the right place, where to eat, what to see, what to wear and so on. Always wish for a reasonably priced service for the guidance!

Despite of having so many TV shows, websites and travel agencies out there, I always end up landing at the visitor/information center with 20 odd pamphlets (on things to do/places to visit). Still clueless about what I should do next – maybe a wine tour or the art museum or a hike or a coffee from a local favorite café, with a fierce determination of experiencing everything within my budget.

Over the years of travel, have realized that covering the Top 10 or 5 things at a place are not that enriching or rewarding but the little things and experiences usually make my trip more memorable and comment worthy.

Coal roasted corn-cob in Paris, late night walks in Rome, quirky street markets of London, savouring best pastries at a local café inside an apparel store in Australia, devouring best pizzas in outskirts of Toronto, exceptionally beautiful train and road journeys, are few unforgettable and cherished moments of my travel. This is something that should not be missed and unfortunately the template travel trips never include this.

How to find these little hidden wonders to make my vacation a “Happy Memory?”

Not every time, I find friends or family who can guide me to untouched beaches, shops to buy little trinkets. What to do? Probably get in touch with local guides but what about the extra cost? So, a good deal of my vacation planning time is spent in discovering these hidden gems.

After investing money, time and energy in a vacation, it’s very frustrating to answer ‘No’ to: “hey did you visit that café”, “did you see that old town”, “buddy you should have gone there.” YES, I should have but due to plethora of information and poor planning, I was LOST! I struggled to tick off the top things advertised for a place (may be not of my interest and taste.) And whenever I recall that vacation, I feel little discontent.

Every time I vow to myself to find out more about my destinations from social circle, reviews, travel sites, locals, every time I get buried under the information overload.

I am sure, I am not the only one, but the above rant is the woe of all of us – TRAVELLERS!

Question now is: “how to experience these hidden wonders without spending too much TIME, MONEY and ENERGY??

My answer is “HolidayLogue

I have been fortunate to stay in and explore many countries across the globe. I want to share these little wonders with all the travellers. I want all of us to visit these special, unknown and hidden places which with their cuisine, crafts, beauty stay with us forever as Happy Memories.

Let’s together explore, experience and live these wonders which do not find place in any magazine/website but only our “HEARTS.”